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Cruel Intentions 3 __TOP__

Seemingly angry with Jason, she succumbs to Patrick, and Jason walks in on them. Patrick snidely remarks that both Jason and Cassidy have been victims of his cruel game to show them that they underestimated the evil in themselves. They ask him if he has ever been a victim, and he tells them no. Cassidy reveals that this had been her plan all along. She began the little charade so Patrick and Jason would seduce Alison and Sheila; before sleeping with Patrick, she took one of his sleeping pills, planning to tell the policemen that he had drugged and raped her.

Cruel Intentions 3

In its exploration of sick psychology and evil goals, CRUEL INTENTIONS 3 does offer some parallels to Dangerous Liaisons, the 18th-century French novel that inspired this series. Bored with normal life and reluctant to admit their love for each other and the weakness it might imply, practiced manipulators Cassidy (Kristina Anapau) and Jason (Kerr Smith) take perverse pleasure in destroying the happy relationships of others. Equally creepy and cruel is Patrick (Nathan Wetherington), who takes such games further than even Jason and Cassidy are willing to go. After getting nowhere sexually with Alison, who is engaged to a guy back home, Patrick proposes a bet with Jason. To win, Patrick breaks Alison's resistance to infidelity by paying an attractive guy to have sex with her. He takes pictures of the encounter and threatens to send them to her family and fiancé unless she has sex with him. Their sexual encounter is nothing less than rape. For his part, Jason uses somewhat more conventional seduction to get Sheila to cheat on her boyfriend, Michael -- something Jason forces her to do while she's on the phone with Michael. Audible heavy breathing ensues. It seems as if Jason and Cassidy are ready to acknowledge their bond as a couple, but their true natures succumb yet again to the thrill of the conquest of others.

this honestly feels like it was a poorly written original script and someone was like let's just say it's the 3rd cruel intentions film to make money off of it even though it's been 4 years since the prequel/sequel and it's completely unrelated to the past two films

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