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Imagine my surprise when the story proper in the second episode picks up Takeru, a character completely removed from the previous narrative, who takes the procedures of the story in a very different direction. I should stress here that when I watched Episode 2, I did not yet know I'd be covering this series for streaming reviews, so I hadn't done any preliminary contextual reading on the mechanics of Muv-Luv as an overall story; I was just along for the ride. A ride that got buck-wild as our main man Takeru swiftly revealed that not only was he a guy from a more 'regular' version of Earth who got isekai'd into this BETA-infested one, but he had also time-traveled back to the beginning of the story after living through an unfortunate-ending version of these events once before. One the one hand, after so many anime that laboriously relate the mechanics of their characters being whisked away and acclimating to alternate worlds, I can absolutely respect a show that just gives us a two-sentence explanation of tropes we're all to familiar with these days then hits the ground running. But on the other hand, that pile of instantly-infodumped context makes it all too clear to even the most uninformed of new viewers that we are absolutely watching an accelerated adaptation of a broader story here.

Watch Muv-Luv Alternative Episode 1 for free on...

Aside from the visual novels, several other styles of games based on Muv-Luv have been released over the years. The browser game Muv-Luv Alternative: Next Answer launched in February, 2015, and remained in operation for about a year.[45][46] Muv-Luv Alternative: Strike Frontier, available initially as a browser game and later for iOS and Android, launched in September, 2016, and shut down in July, 2018.[47] In October, 2019, âge showed a demo of Project Mikhail (working title), a new TSF-focused action game, to be released for Steam, iOS, and Android in 2021, and available in Japanese, English, and Chinese.[48] Immortals: Muv-Luv Alternative, a free-to-play mobile action RPG developed by aNCHOR, was released in Japan on March 17, 2022 for both Android and iOS. Set in an alternative universe of Muv-Luv Alternative, the player plays as the director of the Immortals Private Military Company and leads a team of TSF mercenary pilots to battle the Beta. While the game has original characters, many of the characters from the Muv Luv franchise are also available to recruit which includes those from Muv Luv Alternative, Total Eclipse, Euro Front and Schwarzesmarken.[49]

A requirement, in my mind, of any first episode of a science-fiction series is either to provide necessary exposition, or to leave the setting sufficiently mysterious yet compelling that continuing to watch is appealing. Total Eclipse chooses the former, laying down its simple conceit in a straightforward narrated introduction. In a world where the space race took place early, mankind ran into aliens on Mars known as BETA (the first of many painfully awkward acronyms being thrown out here, standing for Beings of Extra-Terrestrial (origin) Adversarial to Earth) which proceeded to quite happily destroy the fledgling space program and then move on to Earth itself.

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