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What You Need to Know About the FIDIC White Book for Consultancy Services

FIDIC White Book: A Guide for Consultants and Clients


If you are a consultant or a client involved in engineering or construction projects, you may have heard of FIDIC. FIDIC stands for Federation Internationale des Ingenieurs-Conseils, which is French for International Federation of Consulting Engineers. FIDIC is an international organization that represents the interests of consulting engineers worldwide. FIDIC also publishes standard forms of contracts for various types of projects and services.


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One of these contracts is the Client/Consultant Model Services Agreement, also known as the White Book. The White Book is a model contract that can be used for consultancy services such as feasibility studies, design, project management, supervision and inspection. The White Book is suitable for both domestic and international projects, and for both employer-led and contractor-led design teams.

The main features and benefits of using the White Book are:

  • It provides a clear and balanced allocation of risks and responsibilities between the consultant and the client.

  • It defines the scope of services, the remuneration and payment methods, and the procedures for variation, suspension and termination.

  • It establishes a duty of care for the consultant based on professional standards and best practices.

  • It limits the liability and compensation of the consultant to reasonable amounts.